Today, I'm announcing three level-specific LIVE ONLINE Mountain Dulcimer A to Z classes: Just for Beginners, Just for Intermediates, and Just for Advanced. Each class meets once a week for three hours, for four weeks. Students will receive links to over 65 music and technique summary videos to review every concept covered at your convenience. Current MountainDulcimerAtoZ.COM monthly subscribers save $25 off the regular registration fee. Visit HERE to sign up and learn more. (


TUE, MAY 12, 10am – 1pm Eastern (9am – 12pm Central) (Session 1 of 4)

TUE, MAY 19, 10am – 1pm Eastern (9am – 12pm Central) (Session 2 of 4)

TUE, MAY 26, 10am – 1pm Eastern (9am – 12pm Central) (Session 3 of 4)

TUE, JUN 2, 10am – 11pm Eastern (9am – 12pm Central) (Session 4 of 4)

Mountain Dulcimer A to Z Just for Beginners students will learn:

  • An accurate, passionate, interesting strum.
  • Common tunes that are fun and easy.
  • Simple backup chords.
  • How to pick up tunes by watching others.
  • How to read simple sheet music.
  • And a bunch of other neat stuff.


WED, MAY 13, 10am – 1pm Eastern (9am – 12pm Central) (Session 1 of 4)

WED, MAY 20, 10am – 1pm Eastern (9am – 12pm Central) (Session 2 of 4)

WED, MAY 27, 10am – 1pm Eastern (9am – 12pm Central) (Session 3 of 4)

WED, JUN 3, 10am – 1pm Eastern (9am – 12pm Central) (Session 4 of 4)

Mountain Dulcimer A to Z Just for Intermediates students will learn:

  • How to strum accurately and with variety.
  • How to play a melody all over the dulcimer.
  • Simple fingerpicking.
  • A minimal but effective way of playing melody and chords at the same time.
  • Major and minor chords all over the instrument.
  • Some of my favorite tunes and arrangements.
  • And all kinds of ways to improve your playing.


THU, MAY 14, 10am – 1pm Eastern (9am – 12pm Central) (Session 1 of 4)

THU, MAY 21, 10am – 1pm Eastern (9am – 12pm Central) (Session 2 of 4)

THU, MAY 28, 10am – 1pm Eastern (9am – 12pm Central) (Session 3 of 4)

THU, JUN 4, 10am – 1pm Eastern (9am – 12pm Central) (Session 4 of 4)

Mountain Dulcimer A to Z Just for Advanced students will learn:

  • Fancy strumming.
  • How to flat-pick any melody across the strings.
  • How to come up with your own finger-picking arrangements.
  • How to use chord shapes and arpeggios to play backup, chord-melody, intros, endings, and cool licks.
  • Useful exercises and impressive but playable arrangements.
  • And a slew of other useful tricks and techniques.



“It is evident that Mr. Seifert has invested a considerable amount of effort into creating this course. The quality and quantity of information is excellent for any learning level. I can highly recommend the Mountain Dulcimer A to Z Class.”

“Some people are great performers, but you are that AND a great teacher, the way you break things down.”

“I don't have to drive. I don't have to pack a lunch. I'm in familiar surroundings. I am not leaving my husband and worrying about him. I can see your hands very clearly. I can see your facial expressions. I am not distracted by other players. I'm physically comfortable. I don't have to pay for a hotel. I can enjoy the 'company' of others. I don't have to panic if I see you coming around to watch me play. I'm not embarrassed that my neighbor hears me mess up.”

“Stephen Seifert's online Dulcimer A-Z class was the best! As you know, he is a fabulous musician and that does not always translate into being a good teacher; but in this case it does. He's charismatic, interesting, and tells great stories. He presents the information in the lessons logically and sequentially with many reviews of the material along the way, so that you do not feel lost.”

“I really like online learning! You can see Stephen's hands clearly, as well as his facial expressions which is so important. You're in the comfort of your own home and yet you can interact with the other students. It was my first time and I'm sold!”

“I was a bit skeptical at first. But by the end of my third day, I was pleasantly surprised and so glad I decided to join the online class. After 2+ years of playing/practicing, I consider myself at the intermediate level dipping my toe into the advanced level. I think I probably learned as much, if not more, online as I would have in-person. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn how to play the dulcimer in the comfort of their own home.“

“Thank you for another great class. You are an incredible teacher.”

“14 Reasons to take this class online. No travel stress. No travel expenses. Being part of a dulcimer community and meeting new folks without sharing germs. Learning with one of the very best mountain dulcimer teachers using time-tested methods that help you retain what you learn. Software is very easy to learn and use. No distractions from others around you. A longer, better night's sleep in your own bed. No finding food. Less meeting fatigue, easier to focus with an up-close unobstructed speaker view. Practicing what you learn without bothering anyone around you. The ability to take a break or skip a session--if you miss something, you can find it in the review videos. Actually learning new techniques and repertoire instead of meaning to get around to it. Great use of quarantine time--learning an art that can be shared to bring happiness to people and help them heal. Feeling, while you're engaged in the class, like the world's back to normal (priceless).”

“Your teaching style is excellent. The best teachers talk to the audience, something you excel at. Sharing your personal life stories was great and very much added to the enjoyment. All the talk about chickens, how to make tea, your beard, lawn cutting; it all added to the experience. I would not change a thing. You have the ability to make the student feel as if they are having a private lesson with a good friend.”

“If you are a new student who feels intimidated or uncomfortable playing in front of others, this is the first class you should take. I would suggest you take this class before you even take a private lesson, and certainly before you attend any other education class. Steve opens up a new world to the player who feels that the only way to play at first is by-the-book. If you come away with nothing else you will come away with the understanding that this instrument has some fundamentals coupled with unlimited potential. Steve teaches the instrument which is much more than how to play the dulcimer. Steve is an excellent teacher. He will compare to or exceed the best teacher you ever had in school.”

“Thank you so much for doing the zoom meeting for the dulcimer class. It was a perfect setup for me as a beginner and one that gets a little flustered when in a group setting while learning something new. Your teaching skills along with your patience and sense of humor made this class very comfortable for me. I really enjoyed being able to watch up close as you played what you were teaching. Playing a musical instrument isn’t easy for me, but I will continue to put to good use everything you shared.”

“The A to Z class was exactly what I needed. I absorbed more at the time than I imagined was possible. Thank you!"