The world has gotten crazy. Mountain dulcimer teachers and performers have lost their jobs. We have equipment, skills, and time, but no gigs. We need you to know we can all get together online, and it can be fun and easy. I'm going to do a bunch of free sessions online, coming up, just hang out sessions. I'm inviting everyone. I want folks to see how they can use phones, tablets, and computers to have a good time hanging out.

Here’s what else I’m up to. I'm taking my four-day Mountain Dulcimer A to Z class, and I'm moving everything online. There's a few different ways I'm doing this. I recorded all four days, and I've got all that up, right now, on There's 18 hours of content sorted by topic. It's for all levels. There's 65 summary videos to help you quickly review the different techniques and ideas. I'm also doing follow-up sessions after the class which will be on going. You’ll be able to ask questions, I'll demonstrate concepts, and more.

I'm also doing some live online classes that are more level specific: beginner, intermediate, advanced. I'm going to give students prep material to get ready for class, give them a schedule that doesn't wear them out, and then they’ll get summary videos with follow-up review sessions.

If you're interested, we're all here, and whether it's now or later, if you want to make some music, the world needs it. We can help you do that. Contact your favorite mountain dulcimer teacher and do something. It feels good to get out of the house, and since you can't get out of the house, we'll see you online!